The institutions

The Holy House at 63 Ahad Ha'am Street, Tel Aviv, a beacon of Torah and Hasidism, education and kindness!

The Holy of Holies, the holy Rebbe Rabbi Aharon Kadosh Hashem of Belza ZIA, left the world sixty-two years ago, on the 21st of the month of Menachem-Av, in the year 1958. Will continue to be a place of Torah and prayer.
Indeed, for over sixty years the will has been fully enforced, even more so.
The highlight is the Talmud-Torah:
In the Talmud HaTorah, thousands of thousands of Beit Raban infants have studied over the years, from the early childhood classes to the upper grades. Among the graduates of the Talmud-Torah there are quite a few important figures in the Hassidic, rabbinical and public landscape. This Talmud-Torah is without a doubt the most prominent ‘room’ in Ma’aleh Tel Aviv.
A prominent and professional emphasis is placed on the framework of special education in the Talmud-Torah:
This is a professional framework in which a lot of capital is invested, for the advancement of students who need the personal and individual advancement. The nature of this framework has gone so far that even Bnei Brak sends children to be educated in this framework, which is without a doubt one of the most professional among the ultra-Orthodox public.
The Holy House also houses the Dahsidi Belza seminary, which is a place of Torah and prayer for all who fear God in Tel Aviv. The beit midrash is active throughout the day, from dawn until after midnight, throughout the year. In the Beit Midrash Hall, Torah lessons are held in Torah subjects and in general, the place is a ray of light that illuminates the entire environment.
And here we come to the Holy of Holies, to the kollel of the Avrechim which is located in the most sacred room in the Neve HaKodesh in Ahad Ha’am 63. The room where the holy Rebbe sat and received the congregation of his shepherds for salvation and blessing. Pretty poor

לתמיכה ותרומה למוסדות של הצדיק זי"ע. השאירו כאן פרטים מלאים.