The holy will of the angel of God that binds us all!

21 Av 5717. The man of God ascended to heaven in Silodin. The man of truth blossomed for him.
The chair was left orphaned. The Holy Rebbe no longer sits on it. However, the Holy Temple remained active. Active and holy.

This was the rare will of the holy Rebbe whose days he neither demanded nor asked, but this time he left an explicit request:
Continue the activities of the holy residence at 63 Ahad Ha’am Street!

And the activity went on and on. The place serves as a place of Torah, a beit midrash and a Talmud-Torah for children who want to receive a pure Jewish education in the heart of Tel Aviv. The sound of the righteous teachings of the infants of Beit Raban, resonates in the holy residence, in the Neve Yeshuot, even when sixty-two years from the day of departure.

And the fountain of salvation was not blocked either.

Jews from all over the world continue to reach the holy place, to enter the Holy of Holies, to feel the holiness that still reigns in the place. To donate alms to the continuation of the place of the Torah in the place – as the holy will of the Rebbe Zia – and to ask for their wish from the Creator, thanks to the Tzaddik whose registration is still evident in the Atra Kadisha HaDin.

These Jews see miraculous salvations.

Be that as it may, the great spring is still flowing, the gates of heaven are still open and the same celestial chimney still continues to turn the waters of salvation and healing into the same shroud of holiness at 63 Ahad Ha’am Street.

The spring is still flowing and anyone can hold on to it, fulfill the Holy Will and have the privilege of being mentioned in the Holy of Holies by extremely wise disciples alongside babies of Beit Raban and even the privilege of having its name engraved within the Holy of Holies.

לזכות בישועה בזכות הבטחת הצדיק זי"ע. השאירו כאן פרטים מלאים.